Haslam, Annie / Renaissance - Blessing in Disguise +2

White Dove 2005

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Artist / Band: Haslam, Annie / Renaissance
Titel: Blessing in Disguise +2
Label: White Dove 2005
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP/sealed

1.Blessing in Disguise
2.Pool of Tears
3.Love Lies, Love Dies
4.Can't Turn the Night Off
5.In Another Life
6.Raindrops & Leaves
7.Whisper from Marseilles (For Julien)
8.I Light This Candle
9.What He Seeks
10.See This Through Your Eyes
11.Sweetest Kiss
12.Children (Of Medellin)
13.New Life
14.After the Oceans Are Gone
Bonus tracks:
15.High Above (for George)
16.Paintings Last Forever