Haze, Jay - Love for a Strange World DUB SURGEON ARCHITECT

Kitty Yo

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Artist / Band: Haze, Jay
Titel: Love for a Strange World DUB SURGEON ARCHITECT
Label: Kitty Yo
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

1. Troubles Ive Seen
2. Easy Life
3. Appreciate feat D:exter
4. Get Your Lovin On
5. Can`t Feel Anything
6. Down And Out
7. Feel Your Pain
8. Love For A Strange World
9. Another Reason
10. Big Eyes
11. Slow Down
12. I Can Love You feat D:exter
13. Make My Dreams feat D:exter
14. Feel My Heat
15. I Wanna Come
16. Questioning
17. Funky Blues
18. Underground

Jay Haze aka
The Architect, Dub Surgeon, Fuckpony, Justin McNulty, The Red Light Shining
(The Basstards, Bearback, Dub Cord, Montagespiral, Ricardo vs. Jay, Social Being, Sub Version)
Genres: Downtempo, Experimental, Minimal

This album is in two words: psychedelic and diverse. You will get the full monty of Jay Haze's production skills piercing together sounds that tingle your ear and inspire you to thoughts you never had before, a true trippy tournament for your auditory nerves that will leave you bazzled and musically enriched in every way you can imagine - within the haze of a moment!