Hodeir, André - Anna Livia Plurabelle PATRICE CARATINI

Label Bleu

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Produktzustand Gebraucht, sehr gut

Artist / Band: Hodeir, André
Titel: Anna Livia Plurabelle PATRICE CARATINI
Label: Label Bleu
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut

O tell me about Anna Livia • Don dom • He earned his lille burnbathard • Well, old humber was as glommen as grampus • And then she'd esk to vistule a hymn • Odet ! Odet ! • By earth and the cloudy... • First she let her hair fall • Describe her • No more ? • Well you know or don't you kennet • Whar now are alle her childer say ? • Can't hear with the waters off

(toutes compositions : André Hodeir • texte : James Joyce)

Patrice Caratini, direction • Valérie Philippin, soprano • Élisabeth Lagneau, contralto • Philippe Leloup, clarinette solo • Denis Barbier, Enzo Gieco, flûtes • Georges Porte saxophones sopranino, soprano, clarinette • Sylvain Beuf, saxophone alto • Jean-Pierre Baraglioli, Jean-Pierre Solvès, saxophones alto, ténor, clarinette • Antoine Bélec, Philippe Duchêne, Michel Goldberg, saxophone ténor, clarinette • Michel Trousselet, saxophone baryton, clarinette • Bertrand Auger, saxophone basse, clarinette • Bruno Krattli, Philippe Slominski, trompettes • Jean Gobinet, trompette, bugle solo • Jacques Bolognesi, Denis Leloup, Éric Louis, trombones • Jean-Pierre Arnaud, batterie • Christine Lagniel, Philippe Macé, vibraphones • Marc Ducret, guitare • Philippe Arrii-Blachette, violon • Jean Bardy, basse