Holley, Steve - The Reluctant Dog WINGS ETC

Angel Air 2003

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Artist / Band: Holley, Steve
Titel: The Reluctant Dog WINGS ETC
Label: Angel Air 2003
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. What Are You Looking For?
2. So Help Me God
3. Punta del Este
4. Evermore
5. Stronger Everyday
6. Everything Ends Sometime
7. Living for the Day
8. da da, Dee Dee Dee
9. To Entertain You
10. For Better or Worse
11. Just Say Goodbye
12. She Gives to Me
13. Out of England

Amanda Holley - Flute, Photography
Benny Landa - Guitar (12 String), Slide Guitar
Colin Pattenden - Assistant Engineer
David Fogelman - Assistant Engineer
Denny Laine - Harmony Vocals
Drew McCulloch - Engineer
Fiona O'Donnell - Editing, Photo Restoration, Photography
Gail Ann Dorsey - Bass
Huw Gower - Guitar (12 String Electric)
Justin Jordan - Slide Guitar
Keith Lentin - Bass, Engineer, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Mixing, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Producer, Vocals
Lance Doss - Lap Steel Guitar
Matt Shane - Assistant Engineer
Phil Curtis - Bass
Randall Wallace - Photography
Russell Casino - Assistant Engineer
Steve Holley - Drums, Glockenspiel, Harmony Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Piano, Producer, Vocals
Will Schillinger - Engineer, Mastering