Hummon, Marcus

All in good time

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Artist / Band: Hummon, Marcus
Title / Titel: All in good time
Label: 1995 Sony
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut, Cutout

1. Hittin' the Road
2. God's Country, USA
3. One of These Days
4. Honky Tonk Mona Lisa
5. Next Step
6. I Do
7. Virginia Reelin'
8. Somebody's Leaving
9. Bless the Broken Road
10. As the Crow Flies
11. Bridges over Blue
12. All in Good Time

Charlie White - Guitar (Electric)
Chris Rodriguez - Vocals (Background)
Curtis Wright - Vocals (Background)
Curtis Young - Vocals (Background)
Darrell Scott - Dobro, Guitar (Acoustic), Hi String Guitar, Pedal Steel
Dennis Wilson - Vocals (Background)
Eric Silver - Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin
George Cocchini - Guitar (Electric)
George Marinelli - Guitar (Electric)
Jeff Hanna - Vocals (Background)
Jerry Dale McFadden - Organ
Kip Raines - Drums, Vocals (Background)
Larry Byron - Guitar (Electric)
Marcus Hummon - Guitar (Acoustic), Main Performer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Mark Prentice - Bass
Matraca Berg - Vocals (Background)
Matt Rollings - Piano
Rob Hajacos - Fiddle, Violin
Scott Crago - Drums, Percussion
Tom Roady - Percussion