Hutchings, Ashley

Five FEAT. Fairport Convention Albion Band

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Artist / Band: Hutchings, Ashley
Title / Titel: Five FEAT. Fairport Convention Albion Band
Label: Talking Elephant
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. If I Had A Ribbon Bow
2. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
3. Reynardine
4. Tam Lin
5. Norfolk Long Dance
6. Cell Song
7. Galliad / Brawl
8. Jacob's Well
9. The Shipwreck
10. Wings Of Mercury
11. Struck It Right
12. Daniel Gallaghan
13. Shine On Love
14. Pleasures Of The Town / Uncle Bernard's
15. Cookery Is The New Rock 'N' Roll
16. Three Ways Of Moving
17. Press Gang