Our Darkest Days Live

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Artist / Band: Ignite
Title / Titel: Our Darkest Days Live
Label: Century Media 2012
Format: DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

NTSC // Region code: 0 // Running time: 1,5 hours approx

DVD-1 Intro (Our Darkest Days)
DVD-2 Bleeding
DVD-3 Fear Is Our Tradition
DVD-4 Who Sold Out Now?
DVD-5 A Place Called Home
DVD-6 Judgement Day
DVD-7 Run
DVD-8 Are You Listening?
DVD-9 Let It Burn
DVD-10 Bullets Included No Thought Required
DVD-11 Know Your History
DVD-12 By My Side
DVD-13 Ash Return
DVD-14 In My Time
DVD-15 Embrace
DVD-16 Burned Up
DVD-17 Poverty For All
DVD-18 Sunday Bloody Sunday
DVD-19 Slowdown
DVD-20 Live For Better Days
DVD-21 Veteran
DVD Bonus Material
DVD-22 Making Of "Our Darkest Days"
DVD-23 Bleeding [Video]
DVD-24 Making Of "Bleeding"
DVD-25 My Judgement Day [Video]