Jag Panzer

The Fourth Judgement DELUXE

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Artist / Band: Jag Panzer
Title / Titel: The Fourth Judgement DELUXE
Label: Century Media 2007
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Black 4:57
2. Call Of The Wild 3:19
3. Despair 4:23
4. Future Shock 3:55
5. Recompense 4:47
6. Ready To Strike 2:35
7. Tyranny 3:17
8. Shadow Thief 5:35
9. Sonet Of Sorrow 2:23
10. Judgement Day 6:49
11. Future Shock (demo) 3:56
12. Ready To Strike (demo) 2:36
13. Black (demo) 4:34

Members: Bob Parduba, Chris Broderick, Chris Kostka, Christian Lasegue, Harry Conklin, Joey Tafolla, John Tetley, Mark Briody, Reynold Carlson, Rick Hilyard, Rikard Stjernquist
Genres: Power Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal

"grim but theatrical masterpiece with stomping riffs and clean leads that cut as precisely as a cleaver" said FateMetal from metal-archives.com - we can only agree and add that this 2007 Century Media release delivers everything you'd expect from both the band and the label: Jag Panzer sound at its best, as you know them, as you love them!