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Artist / Band: Jah'Licious
Title / Titel: Delayed Behaviour REGGAE SUGARLICKS
Label: Sugarlicks
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Roots
2. Tally Me Down
3. Any Day
4. Poor Eyes
5. Panicked
6. Want
7. JahLicious Mind
8. Something
9. JamminTo Music
10. Minds Eye
11. Jah Bless

Members: MS Jah'Licious aka Zoey Scott-Kalyan aka BlaqueReign
Genres: Reggae, Off Beat, Dub

New Zealand Band "Jah'licious" brings us delicious Reggae with their debut album Delayed Behaviour. The record sounds groovy and mellow with chilled out sweet vocals and nice guitar work by front girley Zoey. Yet another tasty release by Sugarlicks - Raggae honey...