Jazz Crusaders


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Artist / Band: Jazz Crusaders
Title / Titel: Break'n Da Rulz! WAYNE HENDERSON
Label: Indigo 1998
Format: CD
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1. Keep That Same Old Feelin
2. Inherit The Wind - feat. Arnold Riggs
3. (You've Got) Personality - feat. Wayne Henderson, Di Coleman
4. Mmm Bop - feat. Di Coleman
5. Egyptian Nites
6. Southern Hospitality
7. Party Joint - feat. Ernest Roy Pruitt Jr. P.K.A. 'Megahurtz'
8. Just Because It's Jazz (Don't Mean You Can't Dance) - feat. Wayne Henderson
9. I'll Make It Up To You - feat. Eloise Laws
10. Turn On The Red Light
11. La Salsa La Funk
12. Gloria - feat. Nancy Bender