John Steel Singers, The

Everything's a Thread

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Artist / Band: John Steel Singers, The
Title / Titel: Everything's a Thread
Label: Full Time Hobby 2014
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

Disc 1
1 The Needle
2 Happy Before
3 Everything's A Thread
4 Common Thread
5 There's A Bird
6 The Marksman
7 State Of Unrest
8 The Ac
9 Never Read Tolstoy
10 Lambs
11 Tgi Tuesdays
12 MJ's On Fire Again

Disc 2 - Live At The Plutonium
1 Common Thread (Live At The Plutonium)
2 Happy Before (Live At The Plutonium)
3 MJ's On Fire Again (Live At The Plutonium)
4 State Of Unrest (Live At The Plutonium)
5 Strawberry Wine (Live At The Plutonium)
6 Tgi Tuesdays (Live At The Plutonium)