Jones, Edgar "Jones" & The Joneses - Gettin a Little Help...from "the Joneses"


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Artist / Band: Jones, Edgar "Jones" & The Joneses
Title / Titel: Gettin a Little Help...from "the Joneses"
Label: Viper
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. The Way It Is.
2. We Should Get Together.
3. Necessary Evil.
4. Mellow Down Pussycat.
5. More Than You've Ever Had.
6. Need For Lovin'.
7. Summertyme.
8. (Ain't Gonna Be The ) Fool No More
9. You Better Watch Your Back.
10. About Time.
11. She Don't Know Me (At All!).
12. Short Prayer For The Emancipation Of The Deserved (Parts 1&2)