Kimball, Bobby - Kimball/Jamison TOTO SURVIVOR

Frontiers 2011

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Artist / Band: Kimball, Bobby
Titel: Kimball/Jamison TOTO SURVIVOR
Label: Frontiers 2011
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed Digipack

Disc 1
1. Worth Fighting For
2. Can't Wait For Love
3. Sail Away
4. Chasing Euphoria
5. Find Another Way
6. Get Back In The Game
7. I Did Everything Wrong
8. Shadows Of Love
9. Hearst Beat Again
10. We Gotta Believe
11. Kicking And Screaming
12. Your Photograph

Disc 2
1. The Making Of The Album
2. Worth Fighting For (Video)
3. Can't Wit For Love (Video)

Jimmy Wayne Jamison
Lead singer of Survivor beginning in 1984

Robert Troy Kimball
American singer, songwriter and keyboardist. Member of Toto