Keep Right

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Artist / Band: KRS One
Title / Titel: Keep Right
Label: On the Corner 2004
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU

01 - Club Shoutouts
02 - Are You Ready For This
03 - Illegal Business Remix 2004
04 - The Prayer Of Afrika Bambaataa
05 - You Gon Go?
06 - Phucked
07 - A Call To Order: Spoken By Afrika Bambaataa
08 - Everybody Rise
09 - Stop Skeemin'
10 - ...And Then Again...
11 - My Mind Is Racing
12 - Here We Go
13 - Me Man
14 - Feel This
15 - Dream
16 - I Been There
17 - Freestyle Ministry (Sever Verbals)
18 - The I
19 - Bucshot Shoutout
20 - Rap History
21 - Let 'em Have It
22 - Still Spittin'
23 - The Conclusion

+ extra DVD
contains behind-the-scenes footage and videos

With his latest album release being in 2013, 2003 Grit Records release "Keep Right" marks the temporal middle point of KRS-One's musical career.
The record is nothing but KRS-One and BoomBap evolved to the point of 2003 where the production has become cleaner, bass heavier and denser than the original boom boom chuck ehhr Bap beat and the hiphop within the rap becomes more and more dominant which makes it a nice headbanging but also chilling listen. This album features collaborations/productions and:
Domingo, Sir K, Afrika Bambaataa, Ten, Soul Supreme, Jayceeoh, Rich Nice, B. Creative, John Doe, Mix Master Mike, DJ Q-Bert, Minister Server, Gato, Daneja, Mad Lion, Akbar, An Ion, Illin' P, L da Headtoucha, Supastition, DJ Statik Selektah