GMR 2006

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Produktzustand NEU, OVP/sealed

Artist / Band: Krux
Label: GMR 2006
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP/sealed

1. Serpent
2. Devil sun
3. Sea of doom
4. Lex Lucifero
5. Pirates
6. Depressive strokes of Indigo
7. Too close to evil
8. The big empty

Leif Edling (Candlemass)
Mats Leven (Therion)
Jörgen Sandström (Vicious Art)
Fredrik Akesson (Arch Enemy)
Peter Stjärnvind (Entombed)
Carl Westolm (Carp Tree)

Genres: Swedish Epic Doom Metal

Whenever you fear one of your favorite hard and heavy doom metal band going soft there is exactly two options: the unforgivable happens or bands like Krux deliver with a dry but suitable album title Krux II. This second album released in 2006 even four years after their self titled debut doesn't leave out any of your needs. The production is even heavier, riffs raw if not more raw and all that supported by advanced lucid and clear effects and synth keys that have you longing for more epic doom - a great joint in their catalogue!