Kunzel / Cincinnati Pops Orch. - Great Film Fantasies STAR WARS H.POTTER

Telarc 2006

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Artist / Band: Kunzel / Cincinnati Pops Orch.
Title / Titel: Great Film Fantasies STAR WARS H.POTTER
Label: Telarc 2006
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Main Theme from Star Wars IV (From Movie "Star Wars IV")
2. Princess Leia (From Movie "Star Wars IV")
3. Cantina Band (From Movie "Star Wars IV")
4. The Imperial Mach (From Movie "Star Wars V")
5. Yoda's Theme (From Movie "Star Wars V")
6. Luke And Leia (From Movie "Star Wars VI")
7. Duel Of The Fares (From Movie "Star Wars I")
8. Anakin's Theme (From Movie "Star Wars I")
9. Across The Stars (From Movie "Star Wars II")
10. Battle Of The Heroes (From Movie "Star Wars III")
11. Harry's Wondrous World (From Movie "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone")
12. The Chamber Of Secrets (From Movie "Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets")
13. Aunt Marge's Waltz (From Movie "Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Askaban")
14. May It Be And Themes (From The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring)
15. The Hornburg From The Two Towers (From Movie "Lord Of The Rings")
16. The Ride Of The Rohirrim From The Return Of The King (From Movie "Lord Of The Rings")