Lawes / Kirkby / Rooley

Orpheus and Corinna

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Artist / Band: Lawes / Kirkby / Rooley
Title / Titel: Orpheus and Corinna
Label: Bis 2002
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1 Legouisin Hai Gunaikes (Anacreon)
2 Away, Away, Anacreon
3 Anacreon's Ode, Call'd The Lute
4 Anacreon's Ode, Call'd The Lute
5 Sappho To The Goddess Of Love
6 Diffugere Nives (Horace. Odes.IV,7)
7 When To Her Lute Corinna Sings
8 Corinna Now You'r Young And Gay
9 Corinna Now You'r Young And Gay
10 So Beautie On The Waters Stood
11 Sappho To The Goddes Of Beauty
12 Integer Vitæ (Horace. Odes I, 22)
13 Orpheus With His Lute
14 Orpheus' Hymn To God
15 Stop, O Ye Waves
16 When Orpeus Went Down To The Regions Below
17 An Answer To Orpheus And Euridice (The Words By A Lady)
18 At Dead Low Ebb Of Night (A Tale Out Of Anacreon)