Lee, Steven Group

From The Ground Up

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Artist / Band: Lee, Steven Group
Title / Titel: From The Ground Up
Label: Cow Artist 2003
Format: CD
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1. Double Play
2. Real Time
3. From the Ground Up
4. Brenda's Theme
5. Birdie's Bounce
6. Jave
7. Northern Lights
8. King Street
9. Still in Love

Steven Lee - lead guitar, vocals, trumpet - Brenda Leonard Cowart - keyboards, vocals - Joe Bergeron - percussion - Adam Shendal - drums - Keith Nelson - bass - Rocco Barbato - saxophone

If you like the music by for instance Fourplay, Pat Metheny and The Rippingtons - the Steven Lee Group is right up your alley!

'This is a great CD and a great band. Steven Lee has captured the essence of the Smooth Jazz genre but manages to push the boundaries which keeps it interesting. There's a little something for every music lover. Check it out.....'
- Harvey Mason

'If you like Smooth Jazz, this CD is a must for your collection! Great songs and great performances!'
- Jay Graydon