Riddles Questions Poetry & Outrage

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Artist / Band: Leviathan
Title / Titel: Riddles Questions Poetry & Outrage
Label: Century Media 1996
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Census of stars 6.06
2. Mindless game control 3.52
3. Madness Endeavor 6.11
4. Pages of time 4.56
5. Are first loves forgotten? 9.07
6. So where is God 5.12
7. Confusion 4.47
8. Don't look to me 5.15
9. Passion above all else 8.28

Members: Jeff Ward, Ronnie Skeen, John Lutzow, Derek Blake, Trevor Helfer, Mike Fogerty
Genres: Progressive Metal, Symphonic Melodic Metal

Released in 1996 by none other than Century Media "Riddles Questions Poetry & Outrage" is Leviathan's second studio album. Pain, suffering and mental terror seem to be the main forces driving this piece, almost like a latin poem only converted to modern time standards and in metal. It delivers solid progressive metal with hints of melodic and symphonic metal that give the record its dramatic poetic touch.