Lords Of The Underground - Still L.O.T.U.G.


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Artist / Band: Lords Of The Underground
Titel: Still L.O.T.U.G.
Label: Affluent
Format: DVD
Zustand: NEU

Still LOTUG" Is a feature length Documentary/DVD on the "Lord's of the Underground". Featuring LIVE performance footage, personal interviews, classic 90's videos, TV appearances on Soul Train, BET, etc.. and behind the scenes footage of LOTUG's 2006 European Tour.The "Lords of the Underground" (LOTUG) consists of Mr. Funke, Doitall/Du Kelly, and DJ Lord Jazz. They have 3 professional albums under their belt. Right out the gate, their debut "Here Come the Lords" (Pendulum Records '93) went Platinum. Their 2nd "Keepers of the Funk" (Capitol Records '94) went Gold. And their 3rd "Resurrection" (Jersey Kidz '99) was a huge independent success. Not only were they critical to Hip Hop's golden area, they're currently back in the studio with the Legendary Producer Marley Marl, working on their 4th studio album "House of Lords"