Lynott Tribute

Spirit Of The Black Rose DEMON HENSLEY LOTUS

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Artist / Band: Lynott Tribute
Title / Titel: Spirit Of The Black Rose DEMON HENSLEY LOTUS
Label: Record Heaven 2001
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP sealed

The Spirit Of The Black Rose - a Tribute to Phil Lynott

1. Philomena Lynott:Dublin / spoken
2. Celtic Legacy: Glen Corr
3. Lotus:Gonna creep up on you
4. Loaded Dice:It's only money
5. Randy Bachmann:The boys are back in town
6. Locomotive Breath:Warriors
7. Carl Dixon:Romeo and the lonely girl
8. Southern Rock Allstars:Southbound
9. Yellow Pearl:Rocky
10. Motherlode:Killer without a cause
11. Ten Jinn: Angel of death
12. Dogface:Suicide
13. Ian Osbourne & The Voodoo Hounds:Fighting my way back
14. Robin George:Kings call
15. Damon Johnson:Borderline
16. Tribe Of Gypsies:Parisienne walkways
17. Primal Fear:Out in the fields (bonus track)
18. Thin Az Lizzy:Little darling
19. Roddy Cleere:A song for while I'm away / spoken
20. Robin George:Crying diamonds
21. Nitzinger:Cowboy song
22. Demon:Emerald
23. The Boys Are Back:Johnny
24. Kurgan's Bane:Opium trail
25. Ken Hensley:Dear lord
26. Fatt Elizabeth: Freedom song
27. Doc Holliday:Jailbreak
28. Bigelf: Bad reputation
29. Hobbit:Fools gold
30. Thin Lipztick: Do anything you want to
31. Celtic Lagacy:Vagabons of the western world
32. Vick LeCar's Blue Moon:Thunder & lightning
33. Parris:Baby please don't go
34. Sinner:The sun goes down
35. Thin Az Lizzy:Ode to a black man