Mahal, Taj

Oooh So Good 'N Blues / Mo' Roots (REMASTERED)

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Artist / Band: Mahal, Taj
Title / Titel: Oooh So Good 'N Blues / Mo' Roots (REMASTERED)
Label: BGO 1973/1974/2009
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Slipcase

Oooh So Good 'N Blues:
1. Buck dancer's choice
2. Little red hen
3. Oh mama don't you know
4. Frankie and Albert
5. Railroad Bill
6. Dust my broom
7. Built for comfort
8. Teacup's jazzy blues tune

Mo' Roots:
9. Johnny too bad
10. Blackjack davey
11. Big mama
12. Cajun waltz
13. Slave driver
14. Why did you have to desert me?
15. Desperate lover
16. Clara (St. Kitts Woman)