Main Ingredient, The - Tasteful Soul & Bitter Sweet

Cherry Red 2010

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Produktzustand NEU OVP / sealed

Artist / Band: Main Ingredient, The
Title / Titel: Tasteful Soul & Bitter Sweet
Label: Cherry Red 2010
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. I'm better off without you
2. Magic shoes
3. I'm so proud
4. Somebody's been sleeping
5. Make it with you
6. Spinning around (I must be falling in love)
7. Need her love (Mr Bugler)
8. That's what fate will do
9. Look at me
10. Searching
11. Traveling
12. Where are you
13. You've got to take it (If you want it)
14. Everybody plays the fool
15. Whirl-wind
16. Fly baby fly
17. I can't see me whithout you
18. Where do broken hearted lovers go?
19. Who can I turn to (when nobody needs me)
20. No tears (In the end)