Marcel Proust / Neville Jason

The Guermantes Way: Part 2: Pt. 2 (Remembrance of Things Past, 6)

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Artist / Band: Marcel Proust / Neville Jason
Title / Titel: The Guermantes Way: Part 2: Pt. 2 (Remembrance of Things Past, 6)
Label: Naxos 1997
Format: 3CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed


1. Professor E... Gives His Diagnosis
2. 'When... My Grandmother Had Been Put To Bed...'
3. There Came A Time When Her Uraemic Trouble Affected My Grandmoth
4. The Arrival Of Dr. Dieulafoy
5. 'I Had Been Born Again, Life Lay Intact Before Me'
6. Albertine Arrives
7. Francoise Interrupts
8. A Late Arrival At The Home Of Mme. De Villeparisis


1. Mme. De Stermaria-Anxious Anticipation
2. The Welcome Voice Of Robert De Saint-Loup
3. The Influence Of Robert
4. Teh Home Of The Guermantes
5. Further Introductions
6. The Curvoisiers-The Rival Faction Of The Family
7. Sitting Down To The Table
8. 'Green Asparagus Grown In The Open Air Ought To Be Eaten WIth Eg


1. The General De Monserfeuil
2. 'I Find King Edward Charming, So Simple, And Much Cleverer Than
3. 'Already i Had mad Several Attempts To Slip Away'
4. I Arrive At The Home Of The Baron De Charlus
5. 'I Looked At M. De Charlus...Magnificent Head...Repellent, An Ap
6. 'My Anger Had Not Calmed M. De Charlus
7. At The Home Of the Duke De Guermanties
8. M. Swann Arrives
9. M. Swan Makes A Revelation