Mason, Dave

At The Sunrise Musical Theatre TRAFFIC

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Artist / Band: Mason, Dave
Title / Titel: At The Sunrise Musical Theatre TRAFFIC
Label: Alchemy 2003
Format: CD
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1.Let It Go , Let It Flow
2.Only You Know & I Know
3.World In Changes
4.We Just Disagree
5.40,000á Headmen
6.Look At You Look At Me
7.Dear Mr. Fantasy
8.All Along The Watchtower
9.Feelin' Alright

Barry Ehrmann - Executive Producer
Dave Mason - Guitar, Main Performer, Producer, Vocals Ex-Traffic
John Sambataro - Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Peter Yianilos - Audio Engineer
Phil Bonanno - Mixing, Producer
Pierre Lamoureux - Executive Producer
Richard Campbell - Guitar (Bass), Vocals