Mattafix SLY & ROBBIE

Signs Of A Struggle CD+DVD

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Artist / Band: Mattafix SLY & ROBBIE
Title / Titel: Signs Of A Struggle CD+DVD
Label: Beegood 2006
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

Disk: 1
1. Gangster Blues
2. Big City Life
3. Passer By
4. To & Fro
5. Everyone Around You
6. Clear And Present Danger
7. Older
8. I To You
9. Impartial
10. The Means
11. 11.30
12. Forgotten
13. 555
14. Cool Down The Pace
15. Big City Life Sly & Robbie Remix
16. To & Fro Desert Eagle Discs Remix
17. Cool Down The Pace Remix
18. Big City Life Live Gurten Festival

Disk: 2 DVD PAL
1. Videos: Big City Life / To & Fro / Cool Down The Pace / Passer By
2. Documentary
3. Live: Clear & Present Danger / Gurtenfestival '06 / Big City Life Full Band Live / Everyone Arou
4. Interview

Members: Marlon Roudette, Preetesh Hirji
Genres: HipHop, R&B, Reggae, Dancehall, Blues, Jazz, Soul, World Music, Downtempo, Ragga HipHop, Electro, Trip Hop

This pack does not only come with the hit album "Signs of Struggle" - which contained the song Big City Life that ranked 1st in german charts and became an internationally well known pop phenomenon - it also includes unseen bonus material on DVD: Live versions, documentary and interviews. Time to go get your Mattafix!