Meat Loaf

Guilty Pleasure Tour

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Artist / Band: Meat Loaf
Title / Titel: Guilty Pleasure Tour
Label: Store for Music 2012
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Slipcase

DVD-1 Hot Patootie / Time Warp
DVD-2 If It Ain't Broke, Break It
DVD-3 Bat Out Of Hell
DVD-4 Peace On Earth
DVD-5 Living On The Outside
DVD-6 Los Angeloser
DVD-7 You Took The Words
DVD-8 Rock And Roll Dreams
DVD-9 Stand In The Storm
DVD-10 Anything For Love
DVD-11 Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
DVD-12 Paradise By The Dashboard Light
DVD-13 Boneyard / All Revved Up
CD-1 Hot Patootie / Time Warp 4:10
CD-2 If It Ain't Broke, Break It 3:55
CD-3 Bat Out Of Hell 11:51
CD-4 Peace On Earth 6:51
CD-5 Los Angeloser 4:46
CD-6 You Took The Words 5:56
CD-7 Stand In The Storm 5:05
CD-8 Anything For Love 8:44
CD-9 Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad 12:35
CD-10 Boneyard / All Revved Up 8:08

Bass Guitar, Vocals – Danny Miranda
Drums – John Miceli
Guitar – Paul Crook
Guitar, Vocals – Randy Flowers
Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals – David Luther
Piano, Keyboards, Vocals – Justin Avery
Violin, Keyboards, Vocals – Ginny Luke
Vocals [Female] – Patti Russo