Bluetality (Ill Nino M.O.D.)

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Artist / Band: Merauder
Title / Titel: Bluetality (Ill Nino M.O.D.)
Label: Century Media
Format: CD
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1. No warning
2. Bluetality
3. Believe
4. Bleeding wounds
5. Again
6. 41 shots
7. Messiah or the great white pope
8. Payback
9. Mr. Righteous
10. Underground girl

Drums Dave Chavari / Ill Nino, prod. by Billy Milano.

Members: Jorge Rosado, Bobby Blood, Ernesto Colon, Kevin Mahon, Mike Palmeri, Javier Carpio, Anthony Muccini, Chris Bozeth, Minus, Rick Lopez, Darian Polach, Drew Smerdon, Dave Stafford, Michael MacIvor, Pokey, Dave Chavarr, Kung Fu Jim DeMaria
Genres: New York Hard Core

After a four year hiatus since 1999, 3 years after their stunning debut, Merauder is back with their 2003 released album "Bluetality" on legendary metal label Century Media and what a come back it is. The band has grown older and so has their sound but even with a grey beard hard hitting metal core is still hard hitting metal core and that hasn't changed, as has the line-up on this album and you can totally hear that. The album is new york brutality based, street life and down to earth as ever - just what you'd expect from Merauder!