The Hours That Remain + DVD

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Artist / Band: Mercenary
Title / Titel: The Hours That Remain + DVD
Label: Century Media 2006
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

D-1 Redefine Me 6:06
CD-2 Year Of The Plague 5:29
CD-3 My World Is Ending 5:26
CD-4 This Eternal Instant 6:10
CD-5 Lost Reality 8:02
CD-6 Soul Decision 5:03
CD-7 Simplicity Demand 6:35
CD-8 Obscure Indiscretion 4:46
CD-9 My Secret Window 6:29
CD-10 The Hours That Remain 8:07
The Making Of The Hours That Remain
DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 Pre-Production
DVD-3 Mikkel's Guided Tour
DVD-4 Entering The Studio
DVD-5 Guest Vocals
DVD-6 Photo Shoot
DVD-7 Interview
Dynamo 2005 LIVE
DVD-8 Intro/Redestructdead
DVD-9 Firesoul
DVD-10 Intro/World Hate Center
DVD-11 11 Dreams
DVD-12 Official Firesoul Video (Video Edit Version)
Official LIVE Bootleg
DVD-13 Intro
DVD-14 Redestructdead
DVD-15 Firesoul
DVD-16 Sharpen The Edges
DVD-17 Into The Sea/World Hate Center
DVD-18 11 Dreams