Mice Parade - Obrigado Saudade

FatCat Records 2003

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Artist / Band: Mice Parade
Titel: Obrigado Saudade
Label: FatCat Records 2003
Format: LP
Zustand: NEU, OVP Sealed

A1 Two, Three, Fall 4:43
A2 Mystery Brethren 10:57
A3 Focus On The Rollercoaster 4:59
A4 And Still It Sits In Front Of You 3:51
A5 Wave Greeting 5:04
B1 Here Today 5:26
B2 Milton Road 4:11
B3 Spain 1:20
B4 Out Of The Freedom World 6:30
B5 Guitars For Plants 4:43
B6 Refrain Tomorrow 1:55