Melancholy Connection

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Artist / Band: Millencolin
Title / Titel: Melancholy Connection
Label: Epitaph 2012
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

CD-1 Carry You 3:23
CD-2 Out From Nowhere 3:23
CD-3 Absolute Zero 2:42
CD-4 Mind The Mice 3:31
CD-5 The Downhill Walk 2:24
CD-6 E20 Norr 3:22
CD-7 Bull By The Horns 2:55
CD-8 Junkie For Succes 3:05
CD-9 Dinner Dog 1:45
CD-10 Ratboy's Masterplan 2:14
CD-11 Phony Tony 2:56
CD-12 Queen's Gambit 2:39
CD-13 Bowmore 3:50
CD-14 Into The Maze 3:28
DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 Hollywood
DVD-3 Material Boy (Live)
DVD-4 Duck Pond (Live)
DVD-5 Recording
DVD-6 Hellman (Live)
DVD-7 Drums
DVD-8 Highway Donkey (Live)
DVD-9 Stop To Think (Live)
DVD-10 Guitars
DVD-11 Right About Now (Live)
DVD-12 Working Titles
DVD-13 A-Ten (Live)
DVD-14 Vocals
DVD-15 Devil's Me (Live)
DVD-16 Penguin Vocals
DVD-17 Penguins Video Shoot
DVD-18 Penguins And Polarbears Video
DVD-19 Backups
DVD-20 The Mayfly (Live)
DVD-21 Checkmate
DVD-22 Pepper (Live)
DVD-23 Fox Video Shoot
DVD-24 Fox Video
DVD-25 One More
DVD-26 The Ballad (Live)
DVD-27 No Cigar (Live)
DVD-28 Fox (Live)
DVD-29 Penguins And Polarbears (Live)