Miss Moneypenny - Glamorous Taste of Ibiza

Miss Moneypenny's 2008

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Artist / Band: Miss Moneypenny
Titel: Glamorous Taste of Ibiza
Label: Miss Moneypenny's 2008
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut

3CD Box

Disk: 1
1. Noferini Ft PeytonTill-You Come Back (Ted Nilsson Dub)
2. Twisted Punks Ft Darren Brooks - The Real Thing
3. The Lovemakers-This Feeling (DAB Hands Dub)
4. Victor Imbres & Rob Davis-Changes
5. Kosmeti! ft Maria Angeli-Modern Life
6. Marco Petralia-Once in a Life Time
7. Hanna C-Chang Chang
8. Paul Wilkinspres Shena vs Stockholm Syndrome-Hold On
9. Amanda Lepor-I Know What Boys Like(Zoned Out Mix)
10. The Goldbumpers-Give and Take
11. Fingertapp Ft Hazel Fernandes-Can't Talk About Love
12. Swed UK-Crazy Love
13. Jonze ft Lucy Clarke-Changes
14. Huggy&Dean Newton-La Terrazza
Disk: 2
1. Hoxton Whores-Bite the Pill
2. Rob Marmott-Crystal Clear
3. Chad Lewis-Dreams
4. Zoned Out-Minimal 1
5. Lojak-Shake Down
6. Tiff Lacey-Carnival Queen
7. Kate Love-I Want You
8. Duncan Murry-Inside
9. Will Bailey and Rudi Stakker-The Fix
10. Per QX-I Feel the Music
11. Marble-I Feel (Electrolux mix)
12. Jonathan Ulysesse &Jason Herd-Panik Attack
13. Dark Chambers-Pandoras Box
14. Zoned Out-Sence of Acid
15. Oliver Lang-The Siren
Disk: 3
1. Andy Ward +Deep Josh ft Gary Michael Wade-Im in Love(Love Vocal Mix)
2. Steve Austin Ft Leerato-Higher Love
3. Steve Austin Ft MJ White-Thank You
4. Timmy Vegas-As is the Ocean
5. WD Jaxson-Summer Time Jackin
6. Mr Root Ft Pepper Mashay-Hooked on Your Love
7. Kate Loveridge-I Want You
8. CN Williams-House Music
9. CUCU Diamantes&Los Tucanes de Tijuna -El Burrito
10. Popcorn Sunday-Smokin Groove
11. Rhythm Royal-Summer Love (Shik Stylo Dub Mix)
12. Jody Watley-I Want Your Love(Zoned Out Mix)
13. Zoned Out ft Hannah C-Stop Me(I'm Falling)