Moby - Wait For Me Ltd. Deluxe Edt. 2 X CD + DVD

Little Idiot 2009

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Artist / Band: Moby
Titel: Wait For Me Ltd. Deluxe Edt. 2 X CD + DVD
Label: Little Idiot 2009
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU, OVP Sealed

Wait For Me 52:06
CD1-01 Division 1:57
CD1-02 Pale Horses 3:37
CD1-03 Shot In The Back Of The Head 3:16
CD1-04 Study War 4:18
CD1-05 Walk With Me 4:01
CD1-06 Stock Radio 0:55
CD1-07 Mistake 3:47
CD1-08 Scream Pilots 2:49
CD1-09 Jltf-1 1:27
CD1-10 Jltf 4:40
CD1-11 A Seated Night 3:24
CD1-12 Wait For Me 4:14
CD1-13 Hope Is Gone 3:31
CD1-14 Ghost Return 2:38
CD1-15 Slow Light 4:01
CD1-16 Isolate 3:31
Bonus Tracks 11:21
CD1-17 One Time We Lived 4:19
CD1-18 Stay Down 7:02
Wait For Me, Ambient 63:04
CD2-01 A Seated Night (Ambient Version) 3:55
CD2-02 Study War (Ambient Version) 4:30
CD2-03 Pale Horses (Ambient Version) 4:55
CD2-04 Stay Down (Ambient Version) 6:37
CD2-05 Hope Is Gone (Ambient Version) 3:08
CD2-06 Wait For Me (Ambient Version) 4:25
CD2-07 Division (Ambient Version) 1:37
CD2-08 Mistake (Ambient Version) 3:36
CD2-09 Walk With Me (Ambient Version) 2:57
CD2-10 Isolate (Ambient Version) 3:08
CD2-11 Shot In The Back Of The Head (Ambient Version) 3:15
CD2-12 Slow Light 1 (Ambient Version) 3:04
CD2-13 Ghost Return (Ambient Version) 2:33
CD2-14 Scream Pilots (Ambient Version) 7:49
CD2-15 Jltf3 (Ambient Version) 4:20
CD2-16 Slow Light 2 (Ambient Version) 3:09
Live 44:46
DVD-1.01 Raining Again (Hurricane Festival) 5:06
DVD-1.02 Bodyrock (Hurricane Festival) 3:30
DVD-1.03 Pale Horses (Hurricane Festival) 3:52
DVD-1.04 Shot In The Back Of The Head (Hurricane Festival) 3:46
DVD-1.05 Mistake (Hurricane Festival) 3:53
DVD-1.06 We Are All Made Of Stars (Trance Version) (Sonne Mond Sterne) 7:43
DVD-1.07 Feeling So Real (Sonne Mond Sterne) 5:13
DVD-1.08 Go (Exit Festival) 4:20
DVD-1.09 Lift Me Up (Exit Festival) 4:29
DVD-1.10 Walk With Me (Main Square Festival) 2:54
Wait For Me Blips 12:11
DVD-2.01 Division 0:45
DVD-2.02 Pale Horses 0:45
DVD-2.03 Shot In The Back Of The Head 0:45
DVD-2.04 Study War 0:48
DVD-2.05 Walk With Me 0:45
DVD-2.06 Stock Radio 0:53
DVD-2.07 Mistake 0:45
DVD-2.08 Scream Pilots 0:45
DVD-2.09 Jltf 1 0:45
DVD-2.10 Jltf 0:45
DVD-2.11 A Seated Night 0:45
DVD-2.12 Wait For Me 0:45
DVD-2.13 Hope Is Gone 0:45
DVD-2.14 Ghost Return 0:45
DVD-2.15 Slow Light 0:45
DVD-2.16 Isolate 0:45
EPK 19:20
DVD-3.01 Dog Interviews Little Idiot On Bug Planet 10:53
DVD-3.02 EPK 8:27
Music Videos 18:31
DVD-4.01 Shot In The Back Of The Head 3:12
DVD-4.02 Pale Horses 3:38
DVD-4.03 Mistake (Stop Motion Animation) 3:49
DVD-4.04 Mistake (Animated Video) 4:01
DVD-4.05 Mistake (UFO Video) 3:51