Moor, the - Flux feat. Nik Turner (Hawkwind)

Bishop Garden 1996

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Artist / Band: Moor, the
Titel: Flux feat. Nik Turner (Hawkwind)
Label: Bishop Garden 1996
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

Songs / Tracks

1. Suck
2. Baby
3. Body
4. Stay
5. Bell
6. Soon
7. Talk


According to a review on thewildplaces_com, this is a “cool CD blending dark and powerful progressive w/ heavy gothic (Sisters of Mercy meets Hawkwind) elements. Some real brilliance here!” I wouldn’t argue with this assesssment. The Hawkwind connection is Nik Turner’s participation, apparently as a full member of the band but the record stands out on the strength of the songwriting, arrangements, performances and the overall dark vision of this mainly Swedish band. Nik adds some distinctive instrumental colour to the mix in places but otherwise plays a very minor role.

The opening “Suck” quickly establishes an oppressive heavy atmosphere, with the mellotron-like synthesised strings over a grinding riff that calls to mind early King Crimson. Nik plays some Hawkwind-style sax part way through. The lyrics will not be (ahem) to everyone’s taste but this is a strong opening track. “Baby” lightens the mood and reminds me of The Feelies (circa. “Crazy Rhythms”), while “Body” features a heavy sequenced rhythm that lends an almost disco feel.

“Bell” is something of a tour-de-force, with a Hawkwind-like electronic intro, atmospheric synth and a tasteful sax solo from Nik. The “Sisters of Mercy meets Hawkwind” tag seems pretty appropriate here. “Soon” heads off in all sorts of directions, with laid-back synths, a monstrous riff – and a spoken word section on the meaning of civilisation! The closing “Talk” alternates heavy instrumental passages with gothic pop, sort of King Crimson meets B-movie.

Over 8 tracks and 47 minutes this CD is never less than interesting. Flux was released on Bishop Garden Records (BGR 03.1996.01 RM) in 1996 and I got my copy from CD Services, who still have it listed as available.


Clas Edmundson,
Peder Jansson,
Kenneth Magnusson,
Hans Möll,
Ulf Nylén,
Stefan Renström,
Nik Turner from HAWKWIND !

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