Feel Sorry for the Fanatic

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Artist / Band: Morgoth
Title / Titel: Feel Sorry for the Fanatic
Label: Century Media 1996
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. This Fantastic Decade
2. Last Laugh
3. Cash
4. ... And It's Amazing Conse- quences
5. Curiosity
6. Forgotten Days
7. Souls On A Pleasuretrip
8. Graceland
9. Watch The Fortune Wheel
10. A New Start

Morgoth (Ex-Exterminator, Ex-Minas Morgul)

Members: Marc Grewe, Sebastian Swart, Harry Busse, Sotirios Kelekidis, Marc Reign
Genres: Death Metal

Despite being one of the first german death metal bands at the time Morgoth does not live up to their reputation of delivering howly growly death metal with this joint. The album, being of decent musical quality still, broke with the genre completely and explored more melodic and lucid elements with great catchy choruses that attract easy listeners more than hardcore metal lovers and if you allow it to broadens your horizon and grows on you by the time.