Mulhern, Steve & Ian Laws

The Mirthical Reel

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Artist / Band: Mulhern, Steve & Ian Laws
Title / Titel: The Mirthical Reel
Label: Prestige Elite 2006
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1 Catherine Dianne & Mackerel For Breakfast
2 The Mirthical Reel
3 Will On The Hill
4 Wendy Ann
5 The Golden Castle & Bobby Casey's
6 A Day At The Races
7 Mo Gras Mo Dhia (The Grace Of God)
8 The Broken Pledge, Mother & Child, Toss The Feathers
9 A Present For Helen & Baile Mi Fhaoite (Race You To Whitestown)
10 The Rose Of Tooley, Tommy's Reel, Laura's Fancy
11 Tam O'Lin, The Dancer, The Western Ocean
12 Moodswing
13 Bheadh Fhios Agat Amhain
14 Buy Broom Besoms & Dance To Your Daddy
15 Along The Quays, Bohar Bhui, Around The Campanile