Mungolian Jet Set - We Gave It All Away Now

Smalltown Supersound 2009

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Produktzustand NEU, OVP sealed Slipcase

Artist / Band: Mungolian Jet Set
Titel: We Gave It All Away Now
Label: Smalltown Supersound 2009
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP sealed Slipcase

We Gave It All Away...
–Mungolian Jetset* Y Lentokone Mungo 2:05
–Mungolian Jetset* featuring Tom N Diane Creepy 9:28
–Pizzy Yelliott Could You Be Loved 4:41
–Mungolian Jetset* Madreh (Epics Part 2) 7:37
–Mari Boine vs. Mungolian Jetset* It Ain't Necessarily Evil 7:38
–Ronny And Renzo* vs. Mungolian Jetset* Big Smack And Flies 8:38
–Lindstrøm vs. Mungolian Jetset* A Blast Of Loser 8:21
–Mungolian Jet Set's 16th Rebels Of Mung* featuring Lindstrøm and Dominique Leone Clairevoyage 10:46

And Now We Are Taking It Back
–Mungolian Jetset* Whatever Keeps Your Daisies N Glory 1:00
–Athana vs. Mungolian Jetset* Ocean 0306 (Cruusin With The Henleys Mix) 7:33
–Eivind Aarset vs. Mungolian Jetset* Murky Lambada / Mung's Lambada 8:25
–Ost & Kjex vs. Mungolian Jetset* Milano Model (A Thrilling Mungophony In Two Parts) 10:57
–Nils Petter Molvaer* vs. Mungolian Jetset* Darker (Metro Mix) 6:15
–L.S.B. vs. Mungolian Jetset* Original Highway Delight (Miami Camp Mix) 6:14
–The Shortwave Set vs. Mungolian Jetset* Glitches N Bugs (Awaiian Spaces Version) 7:57
–They Came From The Stars (I Saw Them) vs. Mungolian Jetset* Moon Song (The Gospel According To Mung - 2012 Live @ The Hacienda Version) 10:53