Mushroom River Band, the


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Artist / Band: Mushroom River Band, the
Title / Titel: Simsalabim SPIRITUAL BEGGARS
Label: Century Media 2002
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Simsalabim
2. Bugs
3. Make it happen
4. Change it
5. My vote is blank
6. Tree of no hope
7. Proud of being cool
8. Time-laps
9. The big sick machine
10. Run, run, run

Members: Anders Linusson, Alexander "Saso" Sekulovski, Christian "Spice" Sjöstrand, Chris Rockström, Robert "Bob Ruben" Hansson, Andreas Grafenauer
Genres: Swedish Stoner Rock, Heavy Metal

Despite being classified as Stoner Rock, this album is far less mellow than The Mushroom River Band's first piece. Instead they take on a slightly faster pace with speedier riffs to support the vocals that are harder and louder as well, with more shouting than singing. That being said this album still is a great heavy metal record, however not what the regular stoner rock listener expects. Touch it with an open mind and you will be rewarded.