Myles, Heather and The Cadillac Cowboys*

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Artist / Band: Myles, Heather and The Cadillac Cowboys*
Title / Titel:
Label: Me And My Americana Records 2008
Format: DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Region: all - PAL
RT: 76 mins.
1 You've Taken Me Places
2 Nashville's Gone Hollywood
3 Who Did You Call Darlin'
4 One Man Woman Again
5 Big Cars
6 Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town
7 Help Me Make It Through The Night
8 Rock At The And Of My Rainbow
9 No One Will Ever Know
10 True Love
11 Sweet Talk And Good Lies
12 Little Chapel
13 Broken Heart For Sale
14 Love Me A Little Bit Longer
15 Together Again
16 Mr. Lonesome
17 Rum And Rodeo
18 Cadillac Cowboy