New, The - Here comes everybody POPTONES

Poptones 2001

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Artist / Band: New, The
Title / Titel: Here comes everybody POPTONES
Label: Poptones 2001
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP/sealed Digipack

4.Dead Beat
6.Sister Day
7.Seven Days
10.Here Comes Everybody
11.1/4 To
12.You'll Be Damned

The New may be impossible to categorize by traditional genres, but that makes it all the more easy to appreciate their offerings regardless of your taste. Whether it's the intense, hard-as-nails 'Livewire' (completely Tricky-like with the sexy spitfire of Beatrice Brown's female vocals), the distorted rock of 'Be Damned', the electronica-meets-new-age of 'Sister Day', or the super-anthem that is the title track 'Here Comes Everybody', The New have pulled together a package that's a true embodiment of postmodern bricolage, and speaks volumes of what today's trends of sliding across musical barriers can manifest.

Here Comes Everybody hammers home the potential of the times and the technology. Its sound knows no name or home, its energy a vector without a specified direction and instead a concentrated rod of power. It's an album that also raises as many questions as it asks. The biggest one, I think, is the one that harkens back to those old skool tech movies: is this the future, and when will it seem like the past?

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