Life Loves Us PAUL SIMON

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Artist / Band: Nicolette
Title / Titel: Life Loves Us PAUL SIMON
Label: Early Records
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

1. Groovy (Frenchified Interlude) (PAUL SIMOM COVERVERSION)
2. Bass player
3. So tired
4. Saag lamb
5. Yesterdays
6. To think but not think
7. One choice, your pick
8. Granny's knighthood
9. Pretty autumn shade (Clarity Interlude)
10. Worship (Birthday Interlude)
11. Soulfully
12. Family values II

Nicolette Suwoton
Genres: Singer-Songwriter, Electronica, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Folk, African

Nicolette once again merging electronica, jazz and african scents into this great fragrance of a vanilla perfume album "Life Loves Us" released in 2005 on Early Records. It is never too early to discover highly individualistic artists like Nicolette and explore her playful take on next level world music meeting electronic jazzy bits - a great listen, not only for genre fans.