Nielson, Tracy

In The Here And Now

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Artist / Band: Nielson, Tracy
Title / Titel: In The Here And Now
Label: Rounder, 1993
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, wie neu, , Cutout

1. Every Night of the Week
2. Living the Blues
3. In the Here and Now
4. Walk Away
5. Go Down, Sunshine
6. Motherless Child Blues
7. When It All Comes Down
8. It Hurts Me Too
9. Whatever I Am, You Made Me
10. Miss You Like the Devil
11. Please Send Me Someone to Love

Arno Hecht - Sax (Tenor)
Bill Allen - Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Bob Funk - Trombone
Charlie Musselwhite - Harp
Crispin Cioe - Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone)
David Farrell - Engineer
Denny Purcell - Mastering
Derek Richardson - Liner Notes
Gary Laney - Engineer
Gary Nicholson - Guitar
Greg Wetzel - Piano
Irma Thomas - Vocals
John Gardner - Drums
Jonell Mosser - Vocals (Background)
Laurence Etkin - Trumpet
Mike Doster - Bass
Mike Henderson - Guitar, Harp
Nancy Given - Design
Nanette Britt - Vocals (Background)
Nick Prout - Engineer
Pebble Daniel - Vocals (Background)
Reese Wynans - Organ, Piano
Ron Eoff - Bass
Scott Billington - Engineer
Senor McGuire - Photography
Thomas Goldsmith - Producer
Tommy Goldsmith - Producer
Toni Sehulster - Bass
Tracy Nelson - Main Performer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Uptown Horns - Group