Nightrage (ex At the Gates) - Descent into Chaos

Century Media 2004

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Produktzustand NEU, OVP / sealed

Artist / Band: Nightrage (ex At the Gates)
Titel: Descent into Chaos
Label: Century Media 2004
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

1. Being Nothing
2. Phantasma
3. Poems
4. Descent Into Chaos
5. Frozen
6. Drug
7. Silent Solitude
8. Omen
9. Release
10. Solus (Instrumental)
11. Jubilant Cry
12. Reality VS. Truth

Genres: Swedish Melodic Death Metal
Members: Marios Iliopoulos, Brice LeClercq,Tomas Lindberg. Gus G., Fotis Benardo, Henric Karlsson, Jimmie Strimell
Released in 2005 Descent into Chaos was Swedish Metal Band Nightrage's second full length joint and was the final album featuring founding member Gus G. who later played for Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne.