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Artist / Band: Nightrage
Title / Titel: Sweet Vengeance AT THE GATES HAUNTED
Label: Century Media 2003
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1.The tremor
2.The glow of the setting sun
4.Elusive emotion
5.Gloomy daydreams
6.Macabre apparition
7.In my heart
9.Circle of pain
10.At the ends of the earth
11.The howls of the wolv

Genres: Swedish Melodic Death Metal
Members: Marios Iliopoulos, Brice LeClercq,Tomas Lindberg. Gus G., Fotis Benardo, Henric Karlsson, Jimmie Strimell

This album can be best described with a few key citations from Nightrage Fan "The_Boss" taken from where it says: "There are no bad songs on this album, no filler - only highlights, which is every song. [...] Holy fuck this is impressive, this is Nightrage's best work in their career, not anything else after this comes close. This is top notch melodic death metal done right and you will be hard pressed to find anything out nowadays to come close - let alone at all"
We can totally agree with these words of wisdom and recommend this record as a place in any melodic death metal collection!