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Artist / Band: Nosound
Title / Titel: Lightdark TIM BOWNESS
Label: Kscope 2013
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digibook

CD-01 About Butterflies And Children 3:07
CD-02 Places Remained 4:29
CD-03 The Misplay 4:35
CD-04 From Silence To Noise 15:34
CD-05 Someone Starts To Fade Away 8:58 feat. TIM BOWNESS
CD-06 Kites 8:32
CD-07 Lightdark 8:42
CD-08 Cold Afterall 6:20
CD-09 Like The Elephant ? 5:43
CD-10 You Said 'I Am...' 4:48

DVD-01 About Butterflies And Children 3:08
DVD-02 Places Remained 4:31
DVD-03 The Misplay 4:35
DVD-04 From Silence To Noise 15:39
DVD-05 Someone Starts To Face Away 8:58
DVD-06 Kites 8:31
DVD-07 Lightdark 8:45
DVD-08 Cold Afterall 6:22
DVD-09 Like The Elephant ? 5:45
DVD-10 You Said I 'Am...' 4:48
DVD-11 Clouds 10:33
DVD-12 Kites Video 8:44
DVD-13 Original Promo Video 4:47