NYJO National Youth Jazz O. - In Control

RSJH Music 1995

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Artist / Band: NYJO National Youth Jazz O.
Titel: In Control
Label: RSJH Music 1995
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut

1. High Speed Gas (Ken Woodman)
2. Willow, Green Willow (Ronnie Ross, arr. Mark Bassey)
3. El Sid (Steve Titchener
4. Groovin' With Gas (Adrian Bullers)
5. You Were Marvellous, Darling (Bill Ashton, arr. John Clark) (vocal)
6. Miles Away (Mick Sheppard)
7. In Control (Steve Duro)
8. 50,000 Flies Can't Be Wrong (Steve Titchener)
9. Vilamoura (Steve Gray)
10. Off-Shore Peers (Dave Peers)
11. Gas Mark 2 (Bill Ashton, Mick Sheppard)
12. Don't Drink On An Empty Head (Steve Titchener)

Andy Cuss - trumpet
Jim Lynch - trumpet
Brad mason - trumpet
Olly Preece - trumpet
Neil yates - trumpet
Malcolm Smith - trombone
Jeremy Proce - trombone
Elliott Mason - trombone
Mark Penny - trombone
Adrian Hallowell - trombone
Howard McGill - alto, soprano, flute, clarinet
Lisa Grahame - alto, flute
Jim Tomlinson - tenor, clarinet
James Hunt - tenor
Mick Foster - baritone, bass, clarinet
Simon Carter- piano
Andy Jones - guitar
Mark Ong - bass
Chris Dagley - drums
James Mack - Percussion
Jenny Howe - vocal