Opeth - At the Royal Albert Hall 4LP + 2 DVD Box

Roadrunner Records 2014

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Artist / Band: Opeth
Titel: At the Royal Albert Hall 4LP + 2 DVD Box
Label: Roadrunner Records 2014
Format: 2LP
Zustand: NEU, OVP sealed

A1 The Leper Affinity
A2 Bleak
B1 Harvest
B2 The Drapery Falls
B3 Dirge For November
C1 The Funeral Portrait
C2 Patterns In The Ivy
C3 Blackwater Park
D Forest Of October
E1 Advent
E2 April Ethereal
F1 The Moor
F2 Wreath
G1 Hope Leaves
G2 Harlequin Forest
H The Lotus Eater
Observation One
DVD1-1 The Leper Affinity
DVD1-2 Bleak
DVD1-3 Harvest
DVD1-4 The Drapery Falls
DVD1-5 Dirge For November
DVD1-6 The Funeral Portrait
DVD1-7 Patterns In The Ivy
DVD1-8 Blackwater Park
DVD1-9 Interview
Observation Two
DVD2-1 Forest Of October
DVD2-2 Advent
DVD2-3 April Ethereal
DVD2-4 The Moor
DVD2-5 Wreath
DVD2-6 Hope Leaves
DVD2-7 Harlequin Forest
DVD2-8 The Lotus Eater
DVD2-9 Documentary : On Tour With Opeth