Opus Draconis - Satanic Truth About False Union

Mystic Empire 2006

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Artist / Band: Opus Draconis
Title / Titel: Satanic Truth About False Union
Label: Mystic Empire 2006
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Purity of Evil
2. Darkest Day in the Black Forest
3. Disciples of Affliction
4. Christianity Ablaze
5. Sanctuary (Sacrilegium Dominii)
6. Eyes Flickering Bleeding
7. Elfens (Sacrilegium Dominii II)
8. Satanic Truth About False Union
9. Pure Depressive Funeral Emotion
10. Throne of Absence
11. Devilâ's March (The Age of Man Is Over)
12. Throne of Absence II
13. Apokaliptcal Feelings