Orchestra Aragon

Charanga Eterna

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Artist / Band: Orchestra Aragon
Title / Titel: Charanga Eterna
Label: Quantum Leap 2002
Format: DVD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut

PAL - All Regions

The greatest Cuban charanga band of all time - all their greatest hits live in France.
Formed in the central port of Cienfuegos in 1939 by Orestes Aragon Cantero as a charanga-style orchestra (violins, cello, flute, piano, percussion, & vocals), Aragon's charanga describes delicate string music originally played for dances and parties in chic salons for the white buorgeoisie.

Charanga has also come to mean something more African-oriented and brassy, with a stronger pulse. Both branches use similar compelling rhythms- a traditional piano, bass and percussion cushion playing the franchise Cuban syncopated fabric. The intensity varies considerably. In Aragon's case, it is oh so? soft and without the bullish and screeching trumpets Cubans are otherwise so fond of.

Over the past 60 years as the original members pass away other family members replace them, like the long-time leader Rafael Lay Apezteguia who died in 1982 and was replaced by his son, Rafael Lay Bravo, also a violinist and who now leads the band today whilst two of the band's current violinists are father and son.