Ost-John Williams-Sabrina - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A & M Reco (Universal)

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Artist / Band: Ost-John Williams-Sabrina
Titel: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: A & M Reco (Universal)
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Theme From Sabrina
2. Moonlight - Sting
3. Linus's New Life
4. Growing Up In Paris
5. (In The) Moonlight
6. Sabrina Remembers/La Vie En Rose
7. Sabrina Comes Home
8. Nantucket Visit
9. The Party Sequence: When Joanna Loved Me/The Shadow Of Your Smile/Call Me Irresponsible/Stella By St
10. Sabrina And Linus Date
11. How Can I Remember
12. Sabrina's Return To Paris
13. Theme From Sabrina